photo (2)When I was six I wanted to be an inventor. I built things out of batteries, speaker wire, cardboard boxes, broken sunglasses, and electronic parts from Radio Shack. Much to my parent’s delight, these were often the cause of delayed baggage in cross-country flights.

Late in college I discovered the magic of writing software through MATLAB and have been hooked ever since. I built distributed MP3 players, air traffic control speech recognition systems, inventory control systems, and other stuff in Java, C, Perl, VB (… I know…), and Ruby.

In 2002 I went to business school to change from a technical career to a business career, and turned into a marketing guy who loves working with highly technical products. I usually acted as a product manager, defining new products and quarterbacking them through development and launch.

In 2014 I joined BlackFin Media, a web development agency in Newburyport, MA, as the CTO.  It was a great fit, and in 2015 I bought the agency and rebranded it to Purpose Built Software.

At Purpose Built, we help companies define and build web applications to accelerate and automate their businesses. Our typical customers have been around for a while, and have developed specific processes to deliver value to their customers. We help them modernize their business, taking advantage of mobile devices and cloud hosting, while minimizing retraining and / or redesigning their internal processes.

Feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment if you have something to share or are looking for help on some interesting challenge!