The complete product

There is a difference between core functionality and a complete product. The difference is success or failure in an organization’s ability to win in the market. Core functionality might get you in the door with an early adopter, but it doesn’t scale to the bigger market. So what makes up the complete product? Here are some attributes:

  • Packaging
  • Ease of installation
  • Documentation
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Ongoing user experience
  • Integration with 3rd party utilities
  • Sales support materials
  • Channel support materials
  • Technical support materials
  • SDKs and sample code (for platforms)
  • Development Partners (for platforms)
  • Demos

It is so easy to become excited about the proof of technology, and we should. And the next thing we should do is figure out how to build the rest of the product, and if it’s worth the effort.  If the market is too small to support he complete product, have the courage to move on to the next idea.  Be candid. Be kind, but be candid. Figure out the kernel of the excitement you can leverage into a great market opportunity.  And make a complete product!

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