How disruptive is your idea?

The other day I was trying to convince my wife that it would be a good idea for me to go out on the town with my cousins while she took care of our 4 month old.

Sometimes you can get an idea across in a couple of minutes, maybe only in a sentence. Other times it seems like you just can’t get the point across.

Next time you have a new idea to share, try estimating the number of conversations it will take to get your point across. This does a couple of good things:

  1. It frames the idea exchange as a series of way points, and forces you to consider the base of understanding you must build with your counterpoint in order to transfer the concept.
  2. It allows your counterpoint break points where they can go away and absorb some of your new idea, and return with questions that highlight where they need more help understanding your concept.
  3. It allows you to consider the idea from your counterpoint’s perspective and develop and on boarding path of concepts for her to get your idea.

Ideas that are simple maybe only need one waypoint. Complicated or disruptive ideas may need five or ten.

In the case of the other night, it turned out to be a much longer conversation than I anticipated.

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